Hugh Grant: Make-Out Champ

hugh grant and drew barrymore

Hugh Grant has had a great week running up to Valentine's Day.

You know what we like hearing about? People who still got it and it looks like Hugh Grant still has IT.

First of all, the New York Post's sixth page reports that Hugh Grant was spotted in the company of Drew Barrymore a few days ago (Monday, February 9th). They were seen doing a bit of heavy smooching (the make-out, as it were) at the Waverly Inn (the celebrity-est eatery in all of New York City and owned by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter). Lest your hopes get too high of a Music and Lyrics reunion/ real-life romance, she was spotted later that very same evening with Clive Owen at some other place so trendy we've never heard of it.

Then, according to Celebitchy, Hugh Grant was on to new and more or less exciting things: 2 chicks. The master of subtle, subdued, stammering, man-child charm (with an English accent), was seen at a bar in the Meatpacking District (all best clubs are in places that people used to not want to go to, Wall Street is probably next) making out with 2 chicks (presumably at the same time). After having his fill of tonsil tennis, he retired, alone. This left the 2 recipients of Grant's snog-fest quite perplexed as you can imagine. Way to be, Hugh Grant, always leave ‘em wanting more.

Speaking of wanting more, the Sidney Morning Herald reports that Hugh Grant is still working an angle on Jemima Khan, his partner in yo-yo dating crime. Evidently, Prime Minister David has big-time Valentine's Day plans with his ex-ish. Didn't split over a supposed Valentine's Day snub once before? No matter, we hope it works out for him, she'll never find out about Drew Barrymore or those Meatpackers, she was all the way over in Europe at the time. It was the perfect crime. Oh, wait a second…

Photos: Splash