Octuplet Mom Receives Threats

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Mother of 14 kids is hiding out from press and public criticism in an undisclosed location.

Nadya Suleman, newly made mother of 14 children, is a news story that won't quit.

The mother of six who gave birth last month to octuplets has left people fascinated, outraged, disgusted and intrigued. There are rumors that Suleman, who resembles actress Angelina Jolie (pictured), is obsessed with the megastar. Her story has placed fertility treatments in the hotseat. She has a publicist and foundation set up to receive donations for her enormous brood. It's this last bit and the fact that she relies on public assistance to support her family that have fueled threats against her.

The Associated Press reports "Suleman has been supporting her six other children with $490 a month in food stamps and receives Social Security disability payments for three of the youngsters that could total $2,379 a month." Her octuplets, who were born prematurely on January 26 and remain in the hospital, are racking up further expenses. The AP says the cost of raising 14 children as a single mother in California lies somewhere between $1.3 to $2.7 million. Taxpayers—perhaps those struggling to pay their own family's expenses in a recession—are angry.

While some write with offers of encouragement, food, clothing or financial support, most of the hundreds of e-mails Suleman's publicist, Mike Furtney, receives on her behalf are not positive. The local police are investigating the worst of the bunch—those that have crossed the line from menacing to threatening. Suleman's location is being kept under wraps for her safety.

Photo: Splash News