Mickey Rourke Courting Courtney Love?

mickey rourke

Has The Wrestler met his match?

Is the whole world on crazy pills? Are we really allowing Mickey Rourke and Courtney Love the chance to date, mate and, possibly, procreate? Are we the only ones who think this is a bad idea? Seriously?

According to Celebuzz, the former hunka-hunka burnin' love and current cautionary tale turned feel-good story and the widow of Kurt Cobain have been seeing each other on the secretive tip for a few weeks. Elle decided to name Courtney Love the woman of the year in terms of fashion and the Mick attended the party in London.

Rumor has it that the Marlboro Man (or was he Harley Davidson?) was chatting it up with a couple of gals as is his right as wayward son cum golden boy and Courtney Love was not thrilled. We would not want to get on her bad side; she looks like a biter and probably has a high tolerance for pain.

Listen, we thought that the Mick was good in The Wrestler, maybe not as good as everyone else (though we also find the real life parallels compelling), but he can't be more than a slip-up or two from being back on the bottom. Courtney Love was good in The People Vs. Larry Flynt way back when and clearly she's doing something right to stay in the public eye but what sort of safety net does she have? A relationship between these two has all the markings of a Liza and David Guest meet Bobby Brown and Whitney clusterf*ck. Borderline and addictive personalities need grounding. On the other hand, we suppose we should be thrilled that they're not dragging anyone else into this potential morass of ego, weird fashion and addiction. (If you don't get help at Charter, get help somewhere.)

Any thoughts of whom Evan Rachel Wood should date now? Think slightly sinister, think odd clothing and think self-described artiste (NOT MYSTERY, please).

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