Roberto Alomar Gets Sued Over AIDS Scare

roberto alomar

Former Major League ballplayer sued by Ilya Dall for exposing her to AIDS.

Most of you know Roberto Alomar as a slick-fielding, clutch and power-hitting second baseman who played for the Padres, Blue Jays, Orioles, Indians, White Sox, Mets, and Diamondbacks. But Ilya Dall, an ex-girlfriend, claims that he's a guy who boned her bareback while he had the AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).

According to Deadspin, Ilya Dall (apparently an arm-wrestling champ) claims that the likely Hall Of Fame ballplayer had an AIDS-affirming spinal tap (not "Big Bottom") and deteriorating health back in 2006. They'd be riding bareback for four years at that point. A few of the other details mentioned by Ilya Dall in her $15 million lawsuit are pretty shocking.

Alomar's playing career came to an end during spring training in 2005 after a few years of declining production. Diminishing skills in the middle 30s are common for baseball players (and other men) and not indicative of any real health problems. Oh, and he once spit in an umpire's face, but they're friends now.

USA Today (written on an 8th Grade Reading Level) reports that Roberto Alomar's current squeeze says old Ilya Dall is spreading "vile lie[s]" about the former infielder. Plus, new girlfriend says that Ilya Dall told Alomar that she would "destroy him" after their breakup. And the New York Times (written on a Master Of The Obvious Reading Level) writes that the suit depends almost entirely on whether or not the Puerto Rican-born player has the retrovirus.

Ugh. In the best of all worlds, this broad would be lying her muscular arms off. The idea of someone having a life-threatening, contagious ailment and nonchalantly exposing an unknowing loved one to it is flat-out despicable. People have faced serious repercussions for failing to inform their partner of garden-variety, curable STDs. Leaping Christ on crutches, is everyone going to have to start signing waivers, affidavits and Memorandums of Understandings before sexual contact? If so, chalk one up to another eerily prescient Dave Chappelle sketch. Can anyone think of any parallels to Magic Johnson's AIDS situation?

It has not been an easy week for Major League Baseball (thank, A-Rod).