New Study Says Foreplay Is Overrated For Women

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They just don't want us to finish, do they?

A recent study published in the January issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine claims foreplay doesn't contribute as much to a woman's orgasm as actual penetration.


Fair enough, but the results were delightfully skewered just enough so that inexperienced men giving this study the once over may think: "Oh! So all that oral really doesn't matter? Sweet!"

Ugh. We'll just say it again. Ugh. And, no. Not exactly.

The study followed 2, 360 Czech women and asked how consistently they orgasmed and the circumstances leading up to it. How long was the foreplay? How long was the intercourse? And how out of the blue was it for them to be orgasming period?

Well, according to these women, sex time was highly correlated with their O face, but foreplay not so much. Just for reference, the standard foreplay time was 15.4 minutes and the standard intercourse time was 16.2 minutes.

Well then. With intercourse spanning 16 minutes maybe we'd orgasm more frequently, too (Ouch. That wasn't very nice).

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