Chris Brown and Rihanna: Let's Talk Violence and Relationships

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The more I hear about the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation the more disturbing it becomes. I have someone I love in a violent relationship and it upsets me that violence is still so pervasive and (judging by comments that we've had to delete) and acceptable in our culture.

Some of you have commented that she gave him an STD, so violence was justified. Some people have told me that they hope they get back together.

While, granted, we don't know what the reality is behind this story that is still unfolding. I do think that violence is NEVER EVER justified for whatever reason. But I am not sure that's what everyone thinks. I know the person I know in a violent relationship thinks she can "Love him" and "pray him" out of his behavior. And then there are shows like "Tool Academy" on VH1 that seem to promote this idea that working on a violent relationship is better than running like heck outta there.

So I want to open up this conversation to what you think about violence and relationships. I know some of you have been in violent relationships. What was that like and did you get out? Did you try and work on it? Do you know people in violent relationships? What would happen if your SO hit you?

I'll tell you what I think. If my Dave ever hit me. I would be out of there. I would walk right out and never come back. I love him, but there are lines. That's one of them.

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