Happy Valentine's Day From iPhone


Download these applications and let your iPhone mutter the sweet nothings.

Dang it! We knew we should've jumped on the iPhone bandwagon that one lone month when we had an extra $300 blinking in our checking account. Now come Valentine's Day, we're just going to have to settle for the traditional and boring "Happy V-Day, Suckah" text or our requisite bitter e-card. Granted, it's the dead rose thought that counts, but iPhone has some seriously cool stuff this year that's more clever than contrived/cliche.

The Candy Valentine Application: The Candy Valentine application allows you to send a graphic of a candy heart with a personal inscripted message. You get a limited amount of characters, but four lines to pen any phrase you want.  Apple even gives you 17 colors to choose from and a wide selection of candy backgrounds. However, as the reviewer on the apple website laments -- there are no apostrophes. So "It's over" invariably becomes "It is over." Each personal quote is $.99.

A saucier application, iDesire for either an iPhone or iTouch, is sort of like a technological version of Naughty Bedroom Dice. The user shakes (yes, shakes) the device and waits for the two arrows to land on a PG body part (lips, cheek, ears, neck, navel, leg) and an action (kiss, touch, lick, pinch, etc.). Could be interesting. But would likely be used for about 2-3 minutes before users get too frisky for a "kiss, cheek" command.

For all of you who slept through English class and never picked up a copy of Lord Byron's Don Juan on a whim, than download LoveQuotes. LoveQuotes includes a library of romantic, poetic quotes where you can shake (shake that iPhone again!) and get a fresh t.s. eliot or William Blake sweet nothing to send to your new squeeze. But, uh, don't blame us if they ask you to break down the historical significance of Auguries of Innocence once you've caught their attention.