Single Women Are Better Texters

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Women are good at flirty text messages but they might prefer a love letter in return.

Are you receiving boring, non-inspired text messages from your crush? Blame it on his gender.

According to a new study, single ladies are better texters. Researchers at the Indiana University analyzed flirty text messages sent between singletons at a screening of the Italian version of TRL and found that the women's messages were more creative.

What, you may ask, makes a good text message? Getting close to the character limit, using abbreviations (abbrevs, for those in the know) and emoticons. Interesting—we always thought emoticons were for making sarcasm obvious—Hey Pete, that's a cute girl ur talkin 2 ;).

But once you're in a relationship text messages might not be the way to go, no matter how good they are. A recent survey revealed that in the U.K., 70 percent of women and 53 percent of men would rather receive a love letter than an electronic message d'amour. So should you move to London if you want to be courted via snail mail? Nope. Only 38 percent of those surveyed had ever sent a love letter, while 69 percent had sent an "I Love You" text.

But, as The Frisky points out, texting might actually be keeping romance alive, rather than killing it. While the writer was separated from her boyfriend for several months, "technology let him be even more in touch than he would have been if we had to rely on letters sent through the mail."

Plus, texting makes it easier to bypass shyness. To embarrassed to ask him out? Send a text! You're sure to impress him with your wit, inventiveness and kissy face =^*.