This Is How Much Sex Americans REALLY Have Each Week

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Two sex surveys were published that give a glimpse of what goes on the between the sheets of Americans.

Consumer Reports interviewed 1,000 people between ages 18 and 75 about the frequency and satisfaction with their sex lives. And Working Mother conducted a separate survey of 500 readers, and presumed working moms, about the amount of time and quality experiences in the sack.

The reports revealed some shocking findings.

The Working Mother survey found that:

  • 70 percent of those surveyed use porn and/or sex toys to spice up the bedroom.
  • 63 percent want more sex on a regular basis, but 44 percent aren't "in the mood" when they have sex.
  • 29 percent  have sex two or more times a week. More than half reported having sex at least once a week.
  • 93 percent are attracted to their husbands "at least some of the time."

And the Consumer Reports survey found that:

  • 80 percent said the recession didn't reduce their sex drive.
  • 45 percent have, at least once, planned a time to have sex with a partner.
  • 30 percent who have turned down sex in the last year did so because they were busy taking care of "children and pets."
  • 66 percent of men and 58 percent of women are satisfied with their sex lives.

Apparently, people want good sex but have become apathetic that they'll get it.

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