Lindsay Price & Josh Radnor: Newish Couple

lindsay price

How I Met Your Mother Meets Lipstick Jungle.

You know the show How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)? It's good, right? You know the main character, not Jason Segel or Neil Patrick Harris' characters, the know-it-all, Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor). Yeah, that guy is pretty excellent, right? According to CelebAmour, old boy is dating that one gal from Lipstick Jungle. No, not Brooke Shields, it's Lindsay Price.

Rumor has it that these two have been dating on the lowdown (down low, no doubt) for a few months and have just recently been seen in public together. They've been seen in the past few weeks hanging around New York City and even attended a Knicks game (it wasn't just a slow night, the hometown Knicks were playing the Celtics).

Interestingly, both Lindsay Price and Josh Radnor star in comedic-relationship-y shows set against the backdrop of New York. Unfortunately, only one of these shows provides much in the way of ha-ha funny and that one (How I Met Your Mother, to be clear) isn't even filmed in NY to the C. According to AMNY (the free daily subway newspaper), Lindsay Price is mad stressed out about the prospect of Lipstick Jungle getting canceled so she's actually moved her residence (at least temporarily) to Los Angeles.

But irrespective of these cross-country switcheroos, they seem already like a normal couple. New York Magazine grabbed a quick interview with them and it appears that he thinks the floor is a perfectly acceptable place to put clothes. She's in the other camp. Awww. It's like they've been annoying each other for years. ? Slightly off-topic, Lindsay Price is only 32 (years old, not kilograms). That's surprising because she was involved in the last season of the original BH Niner (Beverly Hills 90210 per Diablo Cody). And in the show's epilogue, she married Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering). Ian Ziering is 45 (years old, not caliber). Sure, part of the charm of 90210 was suspending your disbelief regarding the actors' ages but then they had to introduce a character played by an actress actually younger than her character's age. Were they trying to kill Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman)?

We digress. While it would be nice and kind and good for these guys to make a go of it in this crazy world, we'd really appreciate them not reintroducing her character Cathy to HIMYM. She was pretty irri-wait for it-tating. That ship's sailed, bro.

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