Keeping High Standards


Believe it or not, I was one of those girls who didnt have high standards in the beginning of my dating life. It wasn't like I did anything sexual with them, I just dated anyone who wanted to date m. I was very naiive... But once I started realizing that guys were wanting to date me, I put my standards into reinforcement. Trust me, this didn;t happen over night, but I built up enough courage over time to say no to the guy that wanted to date. Yes, that may sound harsh, but it's true.
Honestly, there are some guys out there that are really not worth your time, Some of them that are asking you out may just want one thing. So kep your standards soaring through th sky, dont give up. yes, the courage is hard to build up, but its definetly worth it. I mean look at me know, I have found my true LOVE!!!


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