MIA "May" Be Pregnant


The "Paper Planes" singer may be hiding something under her Grammys dress.

Did you see that crazy outfit that MIA wore to the Grammys? That was weird. It was like smuggling a baseball in a cocktail napkin. Did you see the dress she wore to perform "Paper Planes"/ "Swagga Like Us"? That was weird. It was like a black and white ladybug decided to think about a career in table-dancing. She also performed with Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and TI. But one thing that we couldn't help but notice is that she looked spectacularly with child.

And sure enough, we googled it and it turns out that she is in the family way and according to Spice Zee she was actually due yesterday (February 8th). But instead of doing something boring and not gangster like going to the hospital and delivering a baby, she took the road less traveled. She had an opportunity to rock out with hip-hop royalty and decided to go for it. We wonder what her baby's father thought about that decision?

Apparently, her fiancée Benjamin Brewer is a cool, cool guy. As a musician (vocals and the axe for The Exit), he probably agreed that she may not get another chance like this. In the topsy-turvy world of music not everyone gets a 40-year window and you have to strike while the iron is hot. His band, The Exit, is currently on some sort of hiatus and maybe he's got a little time on his hands. This is one of those occasions when it would probably be helpful for men to be able to do things like rear-children, breast-feed or bear live children. Weird timing for them on this kid, we suppose she'll never have to work again after "Paper Planes" but it's gotta be hard to regain that kind of momentum.

Speaking of bands on hiatus, it was announced that Blink 182 will be reuniting. According to Huliq, the plane crash that drummer Travis Barker survived was part of the driving force behind the reconciliation. Clearly, Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLongue have something that Shanna Moakler doesn't.

And finally, according to Bossip, it looks like Lil Wayne may be married. The Grammy winning machine was sporting a ring on his left hand ring finger. To our knowledge, men don't traditionally wear engagement rings but whichever's clever. Anyone know if Weezy got engaged / married?

Photos: Splash