Jennifer Aniston Saved Pitt Messages

Jennifer Aniston

The star admits she holds onto voice mail from old lovers.

A little quick and dirty one for you: we do not seek to judge here but there’s sentimental and then there’s really sentimental. We’ve heard of keeping t-shirts, photos and other mementos but saving voice mails from former lovers requires some serious dedication. Jennifer Aniston recently admitted in an interview in the March issue of Marie Claire that she keeps old voicemails from former lovers, including former husband Brad Pitt. The star says, "I still have the cassette tapes of messages from my first boyfriend, my second boyfriend, my husband.  It's like saving love letters."

Wow. We thought sleeping in an ex’s old boxer shorts was taking it a little far but hey, whatever makes you happy. Maybe the voice mails prove that they were into her, even just for a little while. Jen turns 40 next weekend so we’ll wish her Happy Birthday and hope that she has many more voicemails to come, even if they most likely won’t be from recent ex, John Mayer.

Scoop courtesy of Mirror UK. Photo courtesy of Splash News.