Is Madonna Over A-Rod Due To Roids?

Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod caught in a steroid scandal. Cause for the split?

For those of you who follow baseball, you might be aware of the witch hunt for steroid use in the major leagues. Those who follow gossip might be aware of the fact that Madonna seems to have cooled on her ex-boy toy, baseball player Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez in favor of younger Brazilian Jesus Luz. Put these two together and you have everyone’s new favorite scandal, that Sports Illustrated recently released a report that A-Rod tested positive for steroid use back in 2003 at almost the same time that Madonna appears to have moved on with another man

Kind of makes you wonder: did Madonna decide not to continue on with the baseball slugger because she knew about the upcoming scandal? Having dated Jose Canseco you can’t imagine this is her first time at that rodeo but did that prompt her to take to her younger lover and separate herself to some degree? Whatever the case, if A-Rod thought he was embarrassed about Madonna trading him in for a younger guy, imagine what this is going to do to his confidence level. With Madonna not hesitating to keep the batter box full, we’re keeping our eyes on this story. Who will be the next at bat for everyone’s new favorite cougar? Let see who she scouts next.

Scoop courtesy of Perez Hilton. Photo courtesy of Splash News.