New Reality Show 'The Cougar' Is Born


TV Land is like, totally, thinking outside the box with this one (heh).


Vivica A. Fox—of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Kill Bill fame—has cemented her career nosedive by accepting a gig as the host of the new reality TV show The Cougar.

As if the show needs much of an explanation, The Cougar is about a middle-aged woman looking for love from 20 predictably, hard-bodied men in their 20s. Who, deep down in their 25-year-old hearts, are just aching for a piece of 45ish, Botoxed arm candy (heh).

The show is slated to air on TV Land in April for eight episodes. Then it will (no doubt) be canceled, disappear and serve as forgettable and ridiculous blip on pop culture's already over-saturated canvass of ridiculousness.

Hasn't the public had it's fill of over-tanned, silicone-pumped, hair-extensioned 40-somethings grasping for the last remnants of their youth? We already have the various Real Housewives installments, who add an extra layer of class to our living rooms on Tuesday. Subtract 20 years and we have the crazies, er, ladies of The Bachelor and the silly men on The Bachelorette, not to mention all the high brow elegance on A Double Shot of Love With The Ikki Twins. We'd go on, but we aim not to bore and ramble on these Love Buzzes.

While the concept of a cougar in and of itself doesn't turn us of, we just hope the show is cast intelligently. Please, please, please let's have The Cougar in question be sly mix of Halle Berry and Samantha Jones, without a trace of Linda Hogan. Thanks.