The Links: The Benefits Of Small Breasts

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Annoying couples, one-night stand etiquette, Facebook rules, dating detox & World Nude Day.

It's been a long, hard week (yes, that's what she said), and I've decided to coast rather than charge into the weekend. That means one thing, link time!

The editors over at Lemondrop do not care for irritating couples. And here I thought I was the only one. I readily agree that yo-yo daters are quite vexing (they call these on-and-off a-holes The Strobe Lights).

Jezebel wants to know what you think of the quite perturbing trend of smittens, the mittens made for holding hands. At least someone's not trying to sell you a bathrobe you put on backwards. If someone starts selling jeans with extra-large back pockets for your partner to stick his hand, I'm quitting life* (by the way, I'd call them Goose Jeans).

Evidently, couples become similar as time progresses. According to Lime Life this includes medical conditions. Word to the wise, go ahead and date someone with habits superior to yours and spend the rest of your life dragging them down as they life you out of the muck and filth and muck.

Maybe this lover, who you're alike or dissimilar to, started as a one-night stand. Esquire explains a few dos and don'ts of the next morning. They fail to mention any protocol about borrowing a toothbrush. Meh, it's a judgment call.

Speaking of dating faux pas, Asylum put together the video below about friending exes on Facebook (it's OK for work, take your time):


We can all agree that Facebook etiquette is of utmost importance. Speaking of Facebook, did you know that little bugger turned five the other day? We hardly knew ye. College Candy imagines life without Facebook. It is not a pretty picture.

It's not a paean to social networking, but Glamour does have praise for small breasts. I can assure you that this is not a conventional pity ditty for the itty-bitty-titty city. 

Small breasts are not (generally) something a lady chooses; tattoos, on the other hand, are mostly voluntary. Buzzfeed shows us the saddest of tramp stamps. I don't know anyone who has regretted having an entire Biblical verse tattooed on her back. You?

The Frisky drops some 411 on the concept of too much information about female functionality. Over-sharing has replaced discretion. And it's about time, sly euphemisms beginning with the word "lady" have become increasingly difficult to keep clever.

Em & Lo (over at advise that whining and cajoling are not the best ways to get a ménage-a-trois. They suggest a little acting and imagination are in order. Pretty soon you won't even need one lady to make your every fantasy come true. Magic!

YourTango's Kristin Booker once decided to put all that relationship bunk on the backburner. For three years. Dating detox was just what the love doctor ordered. Great read.

Sex as power? Oedipal complexes? Freudian mother-fixations? Well I never… Listicles hits us with a list of the top 10 phallic mothers from TV and film. I'll never think of Lucille Bluth the same way again.

And finally, and I'm terribly to be late on this, evidently January 21st was (is) World Nude Day, Made In England (By Gentlemen) tells us. So, um, just wear your, uh, birthday suit to work then (note: not safe for work).

*Two-minute penalty for being melodramatic.