The Sex and the City Sequel Is On!

Sarah Jessica Parker

The actresses prepare to film Carrie and Company Part Two.

Well, it’s official! E! News’ Marc Malkin confirmed what most of us have been dying to hear since the movie version came out last year: the Sex and the City movie sequel is on! All contracts have evidently been signed and the script will be written post-haste with a summer 2010 release date.

While we’re not sure what is happening with the plotline (Carrie get pregnant? Miranda and Steve stay married? Charlotte and Harry have issues?) we can take a look at the actresses’ love lives. Kristin Davis has dated many Hollywood actors including Alec Baldwin, Jeff Goldblum and Live Schreiber but currently appears to be slightly single, having been spotted on and off with filmmaker Nick Leone.  Cynthia Nixon has been with partner Christine Marinoni since 2004 and the couple seems quietly very happy. Kim Cattrall is still reportedly dating Canadian chef Alan Wyse. However, star Sarah Jessica Parker is plagued with rumors of divorce. We hope that work may help take her mind off things but rumors of infidelity are hard to ignore.

Anyway, however you look at it, we’re up for more drama onscreen with the girls of Sex and the City and possibly some off-screen issues as well. Grab your Cosmos and get your best shoes ready. The sequel is on its way!

Scoop courtesy of E! News. Photo courtesy of Splash News.