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Barack Obama removed a stimulus provision for birth control. Was that wise?

As the lefty government (liberal and southpaw*, Barry) begins to execute its agenda, reproduction (the old in and out) is going to be another contested issue. Over the last eight years funding for terrible things like condoms and great things like birth control pills has become limp (heh).
Some people out there take the lesson of Onan a little too seriously and believe (on the outside) that sex is for procreation only. These people generally have rigid self-control, a "do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do-because-I-said-so-that's-why-shape-up-or-ship-out" attitude, minimal free time on their hands, a John Lithgow-like character in their lives or a combination of five. Because of their influence subsidized birth control has threatened to go the way of the foreskin (rare but not extinct).

A couple of years ago, subsidies at college clinics for the pill started receding and I cringed. Honestly, who needs subsidized birth control more than college students? They've got these grown-up bodies (which just won't quit, son) with the hormones and decision-making capacity of teenagers. Do the math. In fact, college students (the regular ones, not the ones working four jobs or starting in their mid-twenties) are the target consumer for a (as yet ficticous) process of temporary, reversible (like a raincoat, hmm) sterility. Seriously, we've already wrecked the economy for these poor bastards and forced them to take unbearable levels of student loans with our love of real estate flipping and asset-backed securities. (Granted, such a procedure would make collegians even more sexually irresponsible and possibly come back to bite us when we're cruising the bars for disease-free 23-year olds, but do you really think a that girl who just got done drawing penises on her passed out friend's face should really be a parent?)

And, it looks like any attempt to throw some money back into birth control subsidies was met with fierce (not fierce like the kids mean) resistance. Lemondrop does a fantastic job of explaining a $200 million earmark that Obama's stimulus plan had. Essentially, the outlay was to aid in the prevention unwanted pregnancies. But the headache was not worth fighting.

Uh, isn't everyone trying to make fewer unwanted babies? Didn't John Labruzzo (a Representative from Louisiana) want to pay poor folks to get sterilized? Isn't giving them discounted access to the pill and condoms a much easier idea to swallow (heh)?

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