Fringe Stars Get Secretly Married


TV stars Mark Valley and Anna Torv in a secret marriage shocker.

We know. You're thinking, "OMG. Joshua Jackson got married. Wait wasn't he dating that Diane Krueger?" Yes, he is dating Helen of Troy Diane Krueger and they did not marry recently. And she's not even on that show, silly.

The secret couple from Fringe, according to Celebutopia, is Anna Torv and Mark Valley! Can you believe it? Oh. You're not familiar with Anna Torv, Mark Valley or Fringe? Hmm.

Firstly, Anna Torv is an actress (next question, please). She's been in a, hmm, Fringe and, um, the Aussie girl power drama McLeod's Daughters. She's hot, she's 27 and she's from Australia. On Fringe, she plays Olivia Dunham, an agent of the FBI (the Federal Bureau of Investigation not the Female Booty Inspectors).

On deck is Mark Valley. On Fringe, Mark Valley plays John Scott, a former paramour and partner of Anna Torv's character. We-he-ell, indeed. You may know him from his work in the law drama Boston Legal. Or from his turn on the brilliant (but canceled) Keen Eddie. Frankly, we don't get to mention Keen Eddie enough because the only time the program comes to mind is when Sienna Miller is suspected of doing something silly with someone else's guy. Mark Valley also served in the Army during the first Gulf War.

Last-like, Fringe is a dramatic television program about odd occurrences, investigation into said strange happenings, the (pseudo) science explaining the weird goings-on and some all-encompassing "Pattern" that explains it all. No, it's not exactly like The X-Files. First of all, David Duchovny is not at all involved. Next, Chris Carter created The X-Files, JJ Abrams made Fringe. Also, it has Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) in it. So, it's different, by a lot. (Note: Don't let The X-Files comparisons fool you, Fringe is worth checking out.)

In summary, sometimes ex-TV lovers become real-life lovers (see Penn Badgley and Blake Lively), someone has to explain the inexplicable (no matter what the costs), JJ Abrams must be a pretty interesting guy to chat up at a party and you should Netflix the first disc of Keen Eddie.

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