Jennifer Aniston Depicts A Perfect Date

Jennifer Aniston

All of you guys who want a shot with the actress listen up.

Ok, in what is surely a media blitz for the new movie He’s Just Not That Into You and a whole intensified interest in the love life of the newly single Jennifer Aniston (the star recently broke it off with John Mayer), we have a new interview where America’s Sweetheart describes her perfect match. Aniston says, "Well-thought out, simple...just being able to go to a great restaurant, great conversation and a walk on a beach if there is one to be walked on!" 

So in addition to the actress admitting her personal tastes are on par with your typical personal ad, she also admitted that some of her friends have thought that guys that she’s dated weren't really so into her, saying, "I've had people say, 'Honey, I think he's gay.' [My reaction is], 'What! But we get along so well.'"

Right. So for those of you who want to date Jen Aniston, let’s recap: good dinner conversation, walks on the beach, and try to stay away from conversations about her shoes or wanting to meet her hairdresser. If you can follow these simple rules, it sounds like you might be the next man in Jennifer Aniston’s life. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Scoop courtesy of Us Magazine. Photo courtesy of Splash News.