Spencer & Heidi To Get "Divorced"?

heidi montag and spencer pratt

Will a fake marriage end in a fake divorce for The Hills stars?

Word Association… GO: Utter Devotion? Best Friend And Lover? Deserve Each Other? A Real Hoot? New Hollywood royalty? Beautiful on the inside and outside?

If your response to all of those word associations was "Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt" then you are a big, crazy fan. And we have bad news for you, according to I'm Not Obsessed.com, the couple who were sorta, not at all married in Mexico (meh-he-co) a little while back could be calling it quits-ish soon. You remember row over that old rite?

So, it looks like the forthcoming season of The Hills may have another engineered storyline around the collapse of the marriage of the millennium. But is it really a divorce? The right-wing couple whose support may have actually cost John McCain votes may, ironically, feel something lately reserved for homosexual couples: the inability to divorce.

A few high-profile cases have been made lately about states not allowing gay couples (lesbians, really) the right to divorce based on the idea that they don't recognize their marriage to begin with. "Huh, umm, what?" is a reasonable response. As is, "What's up with Oklahoma being a haven for lesbians but not having any way for them to make it official?" What, too soon(er)?

So, the comfortable shoe is on the other foot, as clearly, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag cannot get a divorce as they were never properly married. What will The Hills do if someone calls bulshoy on this storyline? They clearly won't improvise; the messy mess has been faux since Laguna Beach ended. They'll probably hit us with some misdirection. Maybe LC will have a pregnancy scare. Maybe Audrina Partridge will look into getting a degree (or even look someone in the eye when she's talking to them). Justin Bobby could get a dramatic, conservative makeover (or change his last name to "Robert").

Any plans on watching the Heidi – Spencer divorce saga? If they do split, it probably won't be long before he misses his lil gravy-train and she misses her sweet svengali.

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