Every Woman's Worst Nightmare

Sex, Self

Women have more nightmares than men.

Your wedding dress bursts a seam while you're walking down the aisle. You pull back the covers to find your ex-boyfriend having sex with your sister. Your stiletto heel breaks and you begin falling… falling…
If you've woken up in a cold sweat after experiencing one of these nightmares, it's probably not the first time, nor the last. 
A new study from the University of West England has found that women suffer from more frequent nightmares than men. The study categorized women's nightmares into three categories (fearful dreams, losing a loved one, or confusing dreams) and found that their reoccurring dreams tend to corroborate with real life trauma. Are women really damsels in distress or are we simply–dare I say–more emotional?
According to the study, women do have more emotionally intense dreams than men. And she-dreams were reportedly less pleasant, with more misfortune, self-negativity and failure than he-dreams. Bleak! 
Shockingly, the male mind resides elsewhere while women are busy dreaming of the world's abrupt and inevitable end. The study revealed what men typically dream about: sex. What a shocker. To be fair, Tom Miller dually noted the findings of a recent Canadian study suggesting that women dream about sex as often as men. (We'll just let the Canadians scholars and the British intellectuals duke it out on this one.) 
In the British study, men reported that their dreams contained more references to sexual activity, namely intercourse, while women said their dreams included more kissing and sexual fantasies about other dream characters. On an unrelated note–we hope–the study also mentioned that women tend to dream about family members more often than men do. What a nightmare.