Pregnant On The Pill

the pill

Woman has two sets of twins, despite being on the pill.

AKA: My worst nightmare...

You take birth control pills to avoid exactly what's happened to Brit Carly O'Brien. Twice. That's right, she not only got preggers on the pill twice, but had twins both times. Queue the scary music!

Carly, who has been using the pill since she was 17, gave birth to her second set of twins, Lilly and Dylan, just two years after delivering her first set of twins, Brandon and Daisy. The happy mom is quoted as saying:

"Everyone I've spoken to, all my friends and family and even the staff at the hospital, say they have never known anything like it. It was a massive shock, but we're delighted of course, as we now have four beautiful healthy children aged less than three."

While the likelihood of having twins is hereditary, the only other person in Carly's family to have a multiple-birth is her grandmother. Then there's the question of how she managed to conceive twins not once, but twice, while on hormonal contraception. There are theories that the pill causes the body to overcompensate for the repression of egg release, causing the ovaries to release multiple eggs at once.

The chances of getting knocked up while on the pill is 99-to-1, but the odds that Carly would have delivered multiples twice under the same circumstances are 11.3 million-to-1. Lucky her.

All of this begs the obvious question: is the mom in question using birth control properly? Has anyone checked her pill packs from 9 months back to make sure she's actually taken the pills? Maybe everyone is suffering from preemie, multiple-birth, madness?

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