It's Time To Make Whoopee Again


Carnie Wilson slated to host the new Newlywed Game.

Maybe you wish that you could see Carnie Wilson everyday. Maybe you wish people used the term "making whoopee" more often. Maybe you just don't know what else to watch when you're folding the laundry.

Regardless, you're in for some very exciting news. The Newlywed Game is scheduled to return to the air on April 6 courtesy of GSN, and, according to the Washington Post, Carnie Wilson is slated to host all 40 episodes.  

For those of you who don't remember The Newlywed Game, either because you're too young or because you've deliberately blocked it out of your memory, we'll break it down for you.

The premise (ostensibly): To find out how well newly married couples really know each other.

The real reason people watch: To see sweet young couples fight, fidget, and embarrass themselves on television, all for the sake of getting their hands on a brand-name countertop appliance.

Typical questions: How often do you fight? What do you fight about? How do you resolve your fights? And how often do you make whoopee?

The original show debuted in 1966 on ABC, and continued to air for over 20 years after that, in a variety of incarnations. With the exception of a few years in the mid-1980s and one year in the nineties, Bob Eubanks was the host.

Obviously, Carnie has big shoes to fill. But the former Celebrity Fit Club contestant is confident that she is up to the task.  

"I've always loved game shows," she says. "My personality and energy is perfect for something like this." Plus, she adds, "I loved watching The Newlywed Game when I was younger."

Let's hope that she's as well suited to the gig as she thinks she is. After all, the last thing we — or any of the innocent young couples on the show — needs, is for poor Carnie to be replaced mid-season by the likes of Dustin Diamond or Tina Yothers.

Not even an avocado-tinted microwave oven would be worth sitting through that.

Photo: Splash News