Save The Planet: Have More Sex!

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Sex is good for the environment—that's a green cause we can all support.

Recycle your cans and bottles. Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Have more sex.

Not what you were expecting? The last recommendation may be the best way to keep the planet healthy, according to Sunday Times writer John-Paul Flintoff. Flintoff got the notion from a post on Transition Culture, a blog about how communities deal with peak oil (the idea that at some point oil production will start to decline and we'll have to find other energy sources). The post says that we have to cut our rate of harmful emissions by 9% per year to forestall drastic climate change. Now, Love Buzz doesn't know much about the science behind this claim, but we do know about one proposed solution: more sex.

How can boinking help mother earth? While spending time in the sack you're not running your car (unless you're having sex in the backseat); you're not at H&M buying a shirt that was shipped overseas from China and will rip in a week, causing you to buy another shirt, likely also from a far-off land; and you may even have the lights off.

Transition Culture cites a survey by YouGov that found that Britons are dealing with the recession by buying less stuff (what a concept!) and that—get ready to be shocked—sex is the most popular free activity in Britain. Transition Cultures observes:

If we are moving away from consumption, from the 'Buy Crap for Britain' solution to economic contraction, towards a more profound rethink given the need to tackle climate change with unprecedented gusto, perhaps we might do worse than to link it to increased pleasure and intimacy, and to a move away from the loneliness so many people experience.  It may be more successful than pictures of polar bears.  We just need to work out something to make condoms out of other than oil. Hemp?

He forgot about lube and sex toys! But... would you buy a vibrator made of hemp?