Sarah Jessica Parker: Divorce vs. Money

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City star reportedly concerned about losing fortune in divorce.

Fans of Sex and the City know that while Carrie had some of her own money woes, she inevitably wound up with the financially well-off Mr. Big. It appears that art does not imitate life, as Sarah Jessica Parker might be weighing the fact that a divorce might threaten the fortune she amassed while married to husband Matthew Broderick. According to sources, Sarah Jessica is worth about $220 million, evidently quite a bit more than Matthew’s earnings during the couple’s 11-year marriage. As the couple has been plagued with rumors of Matthew cheating on Sarah Jessica with a 25 year-old woman and an inevitable split, a source claiming to be close to the couple reports to the British magazine Look that Sarah’s modest upbringing has her concerned about losing her fortune in a divorce settlement. The source states, "Sarah’s family were poor when she was a child. She had seven brothers and sisters and she’s often talked about missing out on birthday presents when she was young. It seems she’s freaking out over the thought that Matthew could walk away with an enormous sum of money."

So, for now it appears that the rumors of a split are really just that: rumors. But if these rumors are true, it sounds like this divorce could get ugly as it pertains to money, much less custody of the couple’s son, James Wilkie. Hopefully, everything is fine and no one has to worry about anything else except the Sex and the City sequel we keep hearing about. But $220 million will buy a lot of Manolos, even Carrie would have to admit to that.

Scoop courtesy of Pop Crunch. Photo courtesy of Splash News.