Is Madonna Embarrassing A-Rod?

Alex Rodriguez
Buzz, Heartbreak

The singer is stepping out with a much younger man on the baseball star.

Well, no one said they were exclusive but you have to imagine that this makes things a little bit embarrassing. We reported that Madonna recently had a getaway with A-Rod at Jerry Seinfeld’s Hamptons estate after rumors had been flying that Madonna was losing interest and was recently spotted out with hot, young Brazilian stud Jesus Luz. Now that A-Rod’s divorce is final, sources report to New York Daily News that A-Rod is "mortified... It's embarrassing for him because he and Madonna have been so publicly linked, and now it looks like he's been dumped for a younger stud."  Madonna is reportedly telling A-Rod not to worry, that the Brazilian cutie is just "keeping her warm at night." Is A-Rod buying it? The inside source says, "Madonna pooh-pooed her relationship with Jesus and called it a publicity trick.  But now that Jesus was spotted out with her kids, she can't hide her subterfuge any longer."

This just gets more and more interesting. You think maybe A-Rod will ask Guy Ritchie to go for a pint anytime soon to ask for his advice? Probably not but looks like A-Rod might want to survey his options. She’s a material girl in a material world and it honestly looks like she’s exploring hers.

Scoop courtesy of Socialite Life. Photo courtesy of Splash News.