Does Sienna Miller Deserve Another Chance?

sienna miller

Is she really a home wrecker? Maybe Sienna Miller is an OK lady.

I'd like to preface this post by saying that there is a very good chance that I am not related to Sienna Miller<. My mom informs me that my Kraut ancestors were nervous about (or ashamed of) their German name. So at Ellis Island (or wherever) they flipped the script, dropped the umlaut and replaced the "ue" with a simple, dignified "i." As far as I know, her family is from the English-y, Irish-y branch of the Miller name (though her dad, I believe, is American). Fun fact, Millers ran windmills and other mills and did not just milling about. It was very important work and dangerous. Flour dust is more explosive than coal dust, so the Millers (yes, all of us) were sort of like the fishermen on Most Dangerous Catch except with less money and homoerotic beardedness.

I digress, Sienna Miller and I are, indeed, probably not related and I still think she's not all bad. Why do I think this? Number 1, did anyone see that GI Joe trailer during the Super Bowl? That jam is going to be awesome. Or an unmitigated disaster. Either way, Sienna Miller is in it. Any actress willing to star in a movie about Edie Sedgwick (Factory Girl) and follow it by playing a vampy villainess in GI Joe, can't be all bad. She also played the sexual tension roommate in the brilliant (but cancelled) Keen Eddie.

I know, "Great. You think she's hot and you like her stupid movies. Should your opinion really be valid in this matter?" And that's a fair criticism, but I don't really think she's all that hot (something about not kicking someone out of bed). And of the films I've seen of hers I really only like Layer Cake (Keen Eddie was on TV).

In her favor, she basically got flattened by Jude Law. Yes, he's an irresistible force of charm. No, the nanny had no chance escaping his laser beams. Yes, Sienna Miller could have left sooner. No, he wasn't fully divorced when they began dating. Yes, he apologized and tried to salvage things. No, she was not 100% in the wrong.

After a yes-no of that nature, it's easy to see why she may be like, "F*ck it. I'm getting mine." At which point she boldly strode forward and then did (or did not) become entangled with the likes of taken (or married) gentlemen: Diddy, Sean Penn and Cillian Murphy. She most definitely steamrolled right on over wiry Welshman Rhys Ifans and had some kind of something with trust fund actor Balthazar Getty. If you're keeping score at home (and why wouldn't you be?), that's one confirmed affair, three alleged affairs and one spurned Welsh actor against once* cheated upon.

But, as this goes to press, Balthazar Getty has returned home (and may have plenty of time on his hands there as his gig on Brothers & Sisters is being reduced), Cillian Murphy and his wife aren't divorced, Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn have reconciled, Rhys Ifans will ideally marry Kate Moss one day (dang that Jamie Hince) and Diddy is firmly back with his one true love (some guy named Sean Combs).

Despite being the other woman, allegedly, it looks like she's more of a giver back of grooves. Sometimes you need to see what's out there before deciding that what's at home is actually pretty sweet. And that's why a home wrecker (and not a home wrecker) is a valuable part of the ecosystem. And an important cog in the great machine of celebrity gossip. Let's give her one more chance but if she sleeps with your husband again, you do not have to sent her a Christmas card.

Anyone out there know why a woman scorned often becomes the other woman? Is she just mad at the world? Does she need the pub because indie movies don't make the headlines?

*Note: He was sort of married when they started dating, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.

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