Jessica Biel Throws Timberlake B-Day Bash

justin timberlake and jessica biel

Are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel heading to the next level?

Do you know what sucks about being Justin Timberlake? Absolutely nothing, it's like being a Baldwin brother 10 years ago. Triple threat? Check, he's got the singing, dancing and acting things down pat, especially the comedic acting.

Maybe JT and his legal team will be able to figure out how to get that "All The Single Ladies" sketch on the interweb. So what if some part of his steez is ripped off from Michael Jackson? MJ hadn't used that kind of sexy in a solid decade. In addition to the TALENT, JT produces music, has a clothing line (ugh, who doesn't?) and a barbeque restaurant in NYC that can be described as pretty OK. And he's got a girlf in Jessica Biel who can be described as not unattractive. Things are prett-y sweet for a guy who was once cheated on by Britney Spears and whom Lance Bass once thought was gay.

And they get even better, according to Digital Spy young Jessica Biel threw a dope surprise birthday party. Said shindig included wings, sliders, Leona Lewis and cupcakes plus some football game between the Cardinals and the Steelers. Ideally, Leona Lewis scored a few cartons of French fried potatoes on the way over and someone remembered to pick up a couple of kegs of Busch Lite.

Good work, Jessica Biel, you always remember your 28th birthday (note: until you're ordering Irish Car Bombs (a shot of Jameson's topped with Bailey's dropped into a pint of Guinness) and keep forgetting how many people are in your party, you basically forget everything after that). Jessica Biel's birthday (her 27th) is on March 3rd. Will there be an engagement ring at that time? A promise ring? A friendship ring? A mood ring? A ring around the collar? Only time will tell.

For his part, JT has to be getting bored with human concerns. He probably contemplates jumping out of window to see if he can fly or whatever. Before he hurls himself off a ninth story balcony, he ought to try and save Broadway. Like 20 shows are closing in the next few months and we've already given Harry Potter, Jeremy Piven and Will Ferrell a chance.

Do you think JT and Jessica Biel will get engaged soon? Any thoughts on his alleged reluctance to have kids?

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