Highlights From The "Break Your Resolutions" Party


The YourTango team and friends celebrated 2009 with some resolution-busting indulgence.

Last Thursday, friends, advisors and staff of YourTango gathered to celebrate the site's continuing growth and thriving community—and break some of those pesky New Year's resolutions.

Here are some highlights from the party, which included plenty of drinks, sweets and Cheez Whiz (which, evidently, did not follow grunge out of style in the '90s):

  • Giancarlo (ie JG or Juan Carlo), of Office Dating Rules video fame, "went long" on the Absolut Pear, his largess helping to increase our inventory.
  • The look on many a newbie's face when they take their first sip of the YourTango signature drink (ie Pear tonics).
  • Rich Fromm tango-ed with a horse on the way to the party and survived (watch Rich on this episode of That's What He Said).
  • Meeting the uber-creative Andy (whose head may very well explode) and on that note, making a bunch of new friends (Tobi, Justin, Krissy, Denise, Sue and too many more to name) and of course some old faves (Ky, Nicole, Jon, Michelle, and again, so many more!).
  • Alex managed NOT to spill a drink and wreck Andrea's piano.
  • Barry and Pamela Fingerhut's appearance as glowing grandparents of a new grandson.
  • Becky let it rip on the Cheese Whiz just as it was proclaimed a decorative touch.
  • Sarah agreed to karaoke (solo) to her favorite R&B and any other requests we have when we reach one million uniques. Someone please warm up the mic!
  • Chiera's Kismet Cards hypnotizing partygoers.
  • The Twizzlers.
  • The Doritos.
  • The Hostess Cupcakes.
  • Getting to chat face-to-face with the people we e-mail all week long.

As Andrea put it, "I love that we have created a new annual YourTango tradition—and for the sake of our arteries, thank goodness it's only annual!"