5 Valentine's Gifts He May Not Want

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Say "I love you" with one of these unique(ly ridiculous) Valentine's Day Gifts.

There are many levels of Valentine's Day celebration. Lazy folks pick up a box of Russell Stover's on the way home from work. The more traditionally-minded make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant. V-Day fanatics eat oysters and cover their beds in rose petals. And some people give really bad gifts. Below, five ways to say "I love you." But don't say we didn't warn you.

The Opulent Bikini Wax from Completely Bare spas
Everyone's got their preferences when it comes to pubic hair styling but even those who dye their pubes or go for the full Brazilian probably haven't taken it this far. The Opulent Bikini wax includes a full wax, 24k gold spray and a hand-applied Swarovski crystal decoration. Special Valentine's Day options include a red Swarovski crystal heart or your lover's initials so your nether regions can sparkle with the love you feel in side.

The Cupid Cutie Costume
Has your role-playing gotten a little boring lately? Kick-start your sexy time with one of these special costumes. We're partial to the strappy hearts costume or ruffle heart apron.

A Photo You And Barack Obama
Do you love Barack Obama? Does he? If you answered yes to both questions a romantic photo of you and the new prez might be just what the love doctor ordered. Until February 5, Scancafe will replace remove your lover from a photo of the two of you and insert a picture of the commander-in-chief. This is so much better than those hand-painted Obama shoes you were going to get him.

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