Britney Upset by New K-Fed Girlfriend

Kevin Federline

Pop star is concerned the new girl is taking her place with the kids.

Sounds like Britney Spears’ life is still a little bit of a circus. The pop star is busy preparing for her upcoming tour to promote her new album and it seems she’s become deeply concerned that her ex-husband Kevin Federline has been spending a lot of time with his new girlfriend, Victoria Prince. What’s the big deal? Well since Kevin gained full custody of the couple’s two sons Jayden James and Sean Preston in their divorce settlement, Victoria gets to see more of the kids than Britney, causing Britney to be concerned that Victoria may be taking her place in her children’s lives. Recently, there were tabloid shots of Kevin and Victoria in Fresno showing Victoria holding Jayden and Jayden giving her a huge hug. This photo reportedly sent Britney from sheer anger into tears. A source tells the Chicago Sun Times that during the resulting screaming match between Britney and Kevin, Britney supposedly yelled, "[I don't want] that c--t anywhere near my kids!"

We can’t imagine any mother wants to see another woman cuddling with her kids, especially if she’s getting ready to head out on tour and that woman was rumored to have been arrested for assault last year. This story is pretty dramatic, y’all! Maybe Britney and Kevin can solve this in a dance-off.

Scoop courtesy of Hollyscoop. Photo courtesy of Splash News.