Love Bytes: Reality TV Gets Weirder And Weirder

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Online dating profile tips, new relationship TV and weird sex facts.

Love Bytes: three must-click sex, dating and relationship links.

Upcoming dating shows: networks are getting creative. CBS is making a reality show about arranged marriage. [Reuters] ABC is producing a series in which people date in the dark—literally. [TV Week]

"Dating" is based on a Talpa format called "Blind Love," which puts three single men and three single women together in a house. The participants have been scientifically matched for compatibility.

During the course of several days, the six people interact with each other, taking part in various dating activities. The catch is that everything takes place in complete darkness; producers use night-vision technology to capture the action.

Tips for writing your online dating profile. [BlogHer]

Not essential to the well-being of your relationship but fascinating nonetheless: 10 sexual anomalies. List includes: (very) unusual anatomies, many sexual partners, and more. [ via Buzzfeed]