Guy Ritchie Gives Custody to Madonna

Guy Ritchie

The director takes a hit to keep his kids together.

There’s no doubt about it: Guy Ritchie is literally taking one for the team. In the final decision of the custody case between the director and his now ex-wife Madonna, Guy decided to give Madonna custody of their two sons, Rocco and David in order not to split the children apart. Sources say that Madonna’s filing in her home country of the US made dual custody nearly impossible and that any other decision would have split the boys from their sister, Lourdes. Guy made the painful decision to keep the family together without him in the US rather than fight to tear the kids away from each other. A source tells UK’s Daily Mirror,  "He has always put Rocco and David's future ahead of his own and that is why he has relented. He is adamant that he wants to keep the boys and their sister together. He does not want to tear the family apart from each other. Rocco and David will still see a lot of them. He is already making plans to visit the children in America and looking at the possibility of them having holidays in England."

Sad but admirable news for Guy but think about holidays and visitation with the kids! Something tells us that Madonna’s 12 Commandments will be broken with mind-numbing amounts of cartoons, non-sanctioned junk food and tons of trips to Disney World.

Scoop courtesy of Starpulse. Photo courtesy of Splash News.