Is Michelle Obama Pregnant?

First Lady Michelle Obama

The world is abuzz with rumors of a White House pregnancy.

When President Obama said that he wanted to come into this administration and get straight to work, he wasn’t kidding. In addition to the Economic Stimulus Package, taking residence in a new home, putting the kids in a new school and basically running the free world, it’s now possible that he might have to get up for a 3:00 a.m. diaper change. Our favorite media maven Bonnie Fuller tipped us off to the growing buzz that Michelle Obama might be pregnant. Rumors have been swirling about Michelle’s Inauguration outfits seeming a tad roomy as well as the excessive PDA the happily married Obamas were displaying on election night. Ladies and gentlemen, Obama Bumpwatch ’09 has officially begun.

Like Bonnie, we also believe that a baby in the White House would be the cherry on top of the already delicious similarities between the Obama and Kennedy presidencies. A little tyke crawling under the desk could be the photo opportunity that drags us all out of our Recession Depression and hey, think of the resulting baby boom! With the economy tanking and all the things he has to do, our President found time to get horizontal with the First Lady.  It’s our patriotic duty to get us some! We can totally get with that program.

So, if it’s not just a rumor, we’d like to congratulate the Obamas and say we’re over the moon with excitement. If this is just a rumor, we hope that you’ll consider this an official plea from your country: get to it between meetings and get pregnant. After all, Mr. President, if you’re asking what you can do for your country, we’re requesting a little stimulus package for love lives everywhere called the Obama Baby. See what you can do about that, please? Thanks.

Scoop courtesy of The Huffington Post. Photo courtesy of Splash News.