John Mayer Moves On Fast!

John Mayer

The singer was spotted liplocked with a mystery blonde.

Wow, that was fast! We just recently reported the rumor that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer split and it seems that John is not exactly letting grass grow under his feet. Sources say the singer was spotted kissing a mystery blonde outside Marix Tex Mex Restaurant in Santa Monica two days ago. "They were obviously on a date," a source tells In Touch Weekly. "He came in with her another time too and I’ve seen them out together. He gave her a long kiss before they left. John has been here six times in the last two weeks but never with Jen. "

By the way, not to interrupt this little story, but did we mention that we kind of called this one? The whole Aniston and Mayer as a celebrity couple that should split thing? Yeah, we kinda did.
One wonders if the paparazzi-courting Mayer has been frequenting this place so they know how and where to find him so he can send a message loud and clear. Is there a press conference about this recently Mayerston breakup forthcoming? Don’t know but it appears that John has moved on and is single. If you’re body is a wonderland, sounds like he might be interested.

Scoop courtesy of Celebitchy. Photo courtest of Splash News.