She's A Sports Fan, He's Not

woman watch sports tv cheer
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Opposites attract in couples where she watches football and he doesn't.

Millions of couples will snuggle up on the couch or go out to celebrate the Super Bowl this Sunday. The national event that conjures images of wings, beer and hearty brouhaha can be the biggest day of the year to some and just another Sunday to others. And sometimes those differing esteems exist within a couple. We know what you're thinking: the guy's the one glued to the TV, right?

We love relationships that defy stereotypes, so we set out to find couples in which she's the sports fan and he's not. Below, two relationships where the lady loves sports and her man couldn't care less. And, as each writer points out, they wouldn't want it any other way.

Read about the man who depends on his wife for his water cooler sport stats in "She Watches Sports While I Man The Kitchen," and the woman who never fathomed her dream guy wouldn't be a football addict like herself in "Can An Artist Love A Die-Hard Football Fan?"

And if you need catching up on the teams (the players' love lives, that is... try ESPN for any actual sports news), our Tomfoolery blogger, Tom Miller, explores the off-the-field action of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals here.

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