Impress Your Date: 5 Internet Sex Hoaxes

internet sex hoax

Ever hear of toothing? Greenlighting? Our First Time? They're all fakes.

This morning we were all set to write a post about new device called the "Love Trainer," a headset you wear during sex that monitors body functions like heart rate and gives you instructions like, "following the beat, make love much harder." The video for the love trainer promises to take your sex life to the next level through "patented biofeedback technology" that "coach you to optimal sexual performance."

We were going to make jokes like, "does the Love Trainer short circuit if you have group sex?" and "probably not the best Valentine's Day gift," but it turns out the Love Trainer is a hoax. But! That gave us an excuse to compile a list of other internet sex hoaxes. Read on, and impress your next date with your intimate knowledge of web whoppers.

1. Toothing. In 2004 rumors circulated that folks in the lovely British isles were using Bluetooth headsets to arrange anonymous sexual encounters. Headset-wearers would set their devices to pick up when another Bluetooth user was close by, and would send the message "toothing?" to initiate a random nookie-fest—not the best, or safest, way to get a date, but hey, desperate times, right? News of toothing first appeared in an online forum and news organizations like Wired picked up the story. The hoax-originators admitted their scam in a blog post, here.

2. Greenlighting. A teen sex phenomenon in which teenagers would don green shirts with the collar popped. When a wearer saw another green-shirted adolescent he'd turn his collar down, an invitation for sex. Greenlighting was created by the folks behind WookieFetish (yes—a site dedicated Chewbacca and all his glorious sexuality), who posted it on Metafilter. Writer Cyrus Farivar discovered the Chewy-lovers' plans and outed the jokesters on Wikipedia. You can read his account of the expose here.

3. The Meg White Sex Tape. Celebrity sex tapes are a dime a dozen, but when news surfaced in 2007 of a video involving Meg White, half of the media-shy band The White Stripes, blogs went crazy, and the phrase "meg white sex tape" briefly entered Google's list of top ten search terms.

This hoax was decidedly naïve in origin: a lone horny dude found a video clip starring a woman who resembled the drummer and posted it on a message board under the title MEG WHITE SEX TAPE. He didn't mean to start an internet sensation, but some things are just too juicy.

4. Our First Time. Back in 1998 when the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape was titillating web-users, Ken Tipton, a Los Angeles entrepreneur, fooled people into believing that two teens were going to lose their virginity on a live web broadcast. His site,, received millions of views in the days leading up to the event and became so well-known that John McCain asked Congress to shut it down. Internet Entertainment Group (IEG), hosts of the Tom and Pam tape, had agreed to sponsor the event, but when they learned that the stunt was a fake they pulled out and exposed Tipton. Tipton claimed that he created the broadcast to promote abstinence.

And there you have it! We hope this clears up some things for you. Now go forth and educate! (If you do use these stories on a date, you may want to wait til you've both consumed a cocktail or two... Just sayin'.)