Robin Of How I Met Your Mother Engaged

cobie smulders and bob saget

Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam to get married, have a baby (in some order).

We realize that Robin Scherbatsky isn't really engaged. Nor is her alter-ego, Robin Sparkles. So, rest easy, young How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) fans, there is still a good chance that she'll end up with the brofessional deal-closer Barney Stinson. In fact the Vegas odds on that happening are just about even money (note: it turns out Vegas is too good to put odds on fictional romances making it).

But anyone hoping to get some action from the actress portraying Robin Scherbatsky is sorry out of luck (note: it's nicer than the other SOL). According to she will only be going to the mall with her unborn child and fiancé Taran Killam (whom we imagine is responsible for putting half of said unborn child in Cobie Smulders' belly).

What do you know Taran Killam from? Not much, but he did supposedly date Amanda Bynes for a minute and was on MadTV for a season and has done parts on a variety of shows. Plus, as a comedic actor the name Killam has to be pretty sweet.

So, in addition to dating Amanda Bynes, impregnating Robin Scherbatsky, doing a season of MadTV and having a cool name, Taran Killam is also handsome, has costarred with Nick Cannon and has allegedly been on The Price Is Right. It's like someone reached into the vault and pulled out all of our personal dreams, aspirations and self-image shortcomings and molded them into an idealized version of us. If he's friendly with Gerard Butler and up for a recurring role on 30 Rock, a stalking might be in the offing. Not a creepy stalking mind you, but a flattering stalking; A little more Mel from Flight Of The Conchords and a little less Jennifer Jason Leigh from Single White Female (also, this is nothing of the sexual nature, we assure you). Somewhere, inexplicably Chris Klein is ramming his fist through a television screen somewhere.

Anyone out there living the life that you've envisioned for yourself? What are you going to do about it?

Photos: Splash (uh, that's actually Bob Saget with her, dude)