Lily Allen Wants to Marry Rich

Lily Allen

The singer hopes to work some more, then snag a rich husband.

You’ve got to admire a girl with goals. Singer Lily Allen recently admitted to Spin despite her devastating miscarriage in 2006 she’s still keen to find a good man and start a family. She states she’s going to concentrate on her career for the next four years, then leave the industry to seriously buckle down and find herself a wealthy husband who will father her children and take her away from all this. She says, "Then (I'll) try to find someone to fall in love with, have another go at having children, and move somewhere else. If I had a partner, I'd move now." When asked to pen her own personal ad to attract her future mate, Lily jokes, "Slightly insecure and needy pop star seeks nice guy... Good sense of humor. Not a f---ing retard. Rich."

That about settles it: those of you who are intelligent, nice, funny and willing to hang back while Lily finishes out this career thing should get your resumes together. The girl’s got things she wants to accomplish so get a move on, will you?

Scoop courtesy of Starpulse. Photo courtesy of Splash News.