Top Single Ladies Songs Of 2008


Being single rocks. Literally. Download these songs and celebrate.

No matter what your grandchild-hungry mother or blissfully wedded best friend may tell you—being single rocks.

Regardless of those silly "one is the loneliest number" sob stories you may (occasionally) indulge in, admit it, there's no better feeling than having only yourself to answer to and the entire bed to yourself. Besides, nothing—and we mean nothing—beats the feeling of a casual dalliance washed down with a spoon full of single chick independence. No commitment? No problem!

If you're in the mood for a risky week-long fling with a rock star then download The Virgins "One Week Of Danger" where Donald Cumming snarls: "Lets get together/And get it on/Lets get those clothes off/Before I'm gone."

And once he's gone (like, for real, gone) blast Britney Spears "Womanizer" where the Queen Of Relationships Gone Wrong will nurse you back into fighting shape with the ultimate ode to sleazeball men we love to love (and then hate). 

Then round-out your listening experience with Vampire Weekend's "Campus" the ultimate hook-up song about someone who you never, ever, ever want to see again.

Atta girl!

Read on for a list of 2008's Top Single Girls Songs

"Single Ladies Put A Ring On It"—Beyonce

"American Boy"—Estelle featuring Kanye West
"That's Not My Name"—The Ting Tings
"One Week Of Danger"—The Virgins
"Campus"—Vampire Weekend
"I Kissed A Girl"—Katy Perry
"Womanizer"—Britney Spears