John Mayer Dodges Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer

Mayer dips out of Pete Wentz's art show to avoid Jessica Simpson, allegedly.

According to the New York Daily News, John Mayer was at an art show the other day. Shocking? It shouldn't be, he seems like the kind of dude who would appreciate the company of Cindy Sherman. The crazy comes from the fact that the show was being put on by a favorite of ours, Pete Wentz. The Fall Out Boy front man (is he the bass player?) and husband of Ashlee Simpson put on some sort of show called "Without You I'm Just Me." Poetic and profound, the showing was at Gallery1988 (the lucky bastards get to relive the tail-end of the Reagan years every day).

But it wasn't all Manets, mayonnaise and malaise at the old art gallery. John Mayer and Pete Wentz may be down like 4 flat tires, but John Mayer is apparently not down with Pete's sister in-law Jessica Simpson. As you may or may not remember, Mayer's entre into the big leagues of celebrity boinking was with Jessica Simpson (fine, he dated Jennifer Love Hewitt first). So, per the New York Daily News, John Mayer decided to gracefully dodge (or dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge) out of the scene before Tony Romo's piece showed her sweet, Proactiv-cleansed face.

We're trying our damnedest not to judge but isn't that a little Holland (as in weird)? Haven't they been A) split for mad years; and B) dating the Szechuan out of more famous, new people? This isn’t the time to head for the hills. This is the time to say, "Hey, I always thought you were pretty cool, have you met my new girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston? I'm sorry that the Cowboys didn't make the playoffs, I think that TO guy could really use an attitude adjustment. I read on Perez Hilton that you were contemplating getting engaged. Congrats. Hey, I gotta go see a guy about a thing. It was great seeing you. If you ever need anything, give me a call. Me, you, Tony and Jen should get a house in Tuscany for a week or something. Don't worry, Jen'll pay for it. She's cool like that. OK, have a good one."

It's seriously that easy.

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