Jennifer Garner Seeing Sex Therapist?

Jennifer Garner

File this under: “Hmm.” Just Jared reports that actress Jennifer Garner was spotted grabbing a coffee (decaf we assume since she’s pregnant) with renowned sex therapist Dr. Holly Hein in Los Angeles on December 30th. Hein is known for her groundbreaking book, Sexual Detours, The Startling Truth Behind Love, Lust, and Infidelity. The book goes into depth about affairs and that infidelity can be more of a betrayal of self than it is about the violation of a marriage. She believes that affairs can be a way to search for identity and goes into how to heal the underlying issues that drive one to have affairs and how to save a marriage.

Curiously enough, Just Jared also reports that actress Kate Beckinsale and her husband, director Len Wiseman, have also been reportedly seeing Hein lately.

Now, before we all jump to conclusions about why Garner and Beckinsale might be seeing Dr. Hein, there is nothing wrong with seeing a sex therapist or seeing marriage therapy. If you think that your marriage or relationship would benefit from outside counsel, that is completely normal and a lot of couples do seek therapists to help them with everything from intimacy issues to infidelity to issues of sexual gratification. Whether or not Garner is actually seeing Dr. Hein is unknown. What we can glean from this interaction is that stars are just like us: they have a question, they seek expert guidance.

Garner and husband Ben Affleck are expecting their second child sometime very soon, so maybe she’s giving her some thoughts on pre- and post-delivery nookie. Although, if something more serious is afoot, we wish her well and hope that everything turns out for the best.

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