Whitney Port Brings Sex to The City


The reality star takes her spinoff to a whole new level of hot.

Last night, MTV premiered its new spinoff of its hit reality show The Hills, The City, to breathless anticipation. Fingers were probably crossed all the way from MTV headquarters and, probably speaking for most of us who watched it, The City didn’t disappoint. In fact, it delivered like Domino’s. A decidedly more grown-up version of The Hills, star Whitney Port and her new co-stars bring sex, drama and more complex adult issues to the show. Where Melrose Place inevitably became the more adult spinoff of Beverly Hills 90210, The City is definitely hotter, sexier and more grown up than its predecessor. It is reality heroin and we’re hooked.

Relationships on The City play out in more realistic fashion than the pouty, unrealistic versions on The Hills. Where hookups were really only alluded to with Lauren Conrad and company, Whitney actually goes home with new boyfriend Jay Lyon in the first fifteen minutes of the show. Talk about an upgrade! Jay is a New York City guy if there ever was one: into the girl but wanting to keep his options open in case something better comes along. Rumors flare as Whitney’s former flame warns her that Jay might be cheating on her and actually challenges Jay in a heated argument in a nightclub.

Not only do we have intriguing relationships, but we finally have a worthy adversary: gorgeous socialite Olivia Palermo makes Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt look a couple of preening gasbags. Olivia is actually dangerous: the co-worker/frenemy who might take your job and your boyfriend just because she’s bored. These are situations to which we can relate in some way and the more adult relationship storylines (infidelity, dangerous co-workers, dating in a big city) are highly addictive.

Having already reported that Whitney has developed a proclivity for New York men, we’ll keep you posted on what happens with her relationships but judging from the series previews, it looks like she might be one sharp cookie. Whether she stays with Jay Lyon, dates other guys, or winds up getting eaten alive by the rough terrain that is New York City remains to be seen. Whitney’s no Carrie Bradshaw but thank goodness someone has brought sex back to The City!