YourTango's Best Romance Of 2008

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The year's top love stories reveal romance lives around the globe and happens at any age.

Romance, of the fairy-tale romantic comedy (and supposedly mind-deluding) variety, can get a bad rap. People say romance is too sappy, lovey-dovey or corny for them. But it's not all the unhealthy, high-fructose variety! Here, we've pulled together YourTango's top all-natural, schmaltz-free (OK, maybe there may be a teensy bit of schmaltz—but hey, that's what makes it fun!), 100% guaranteed true-love tales from 2008. Watch and read stories of love lost and found in locales from Michigan to Beijing that have happened to people of every age.

Romance Lives in Kalamazoo
A feel-good story.

Alma Viswat and Harold Van Heuvelen (known as Van) met as freshmen at Hope College in 1936; she played the piano and he played the violin, and while at college they played music together. After graduation they went their separate ways. On November 18, 2006, 87-years-old and 70 years after their first meeting, Alma and Van were married. Read the rest here.

Can 'Til Death Do Us Part' Start At 21?
When one expects life à la "Sex and the City" and finds monogamy instead.

After a decade of watching TV shows like Sex and the City and NBC's new Lipstick Jungle, where women struggle to have it all, I was convinced that Prince Charming would show up in my early thirties once I'd already established myself. At 21, I was determined to double-book dates, clink martini glasses with my girlfriends and live like Holly Golightly (the movie version) without the cat. Read the rest here.

How To Propose To A Rockette
New York marriage proposal direct from Radio City Music Hall.

YourTango's "A Very New York Christmas Proposal," where a Radio City Rockette gets a surprise holiday visit. Watch here.

12 Free Romantic Gifts
Show your love this season—without spending a dime.

Times were tight last Christmas, and rather than set an arbitrary limit, then be forced to search for something, anything of importance for $25 or under (pretty much impossible, by the way), we decided to skip the gifts altogether. What's worse than no gifts at all? Those random ones that were forced because of a price limit. They often rival Secret Santa office presents. Read the rest here.

True Love: Caring For My Sick Husband
Tragedy strikes a marriage and love prevails.

Everyone over a certain age fears that one day a momentous event outside one's control may occur that will change one's life forever. It happened to Alix Kates Shulman and her beloved husband when he fell from a sleeping loft, permanently injuring his brain. Her memoir, To Love What Is, explores life on the other side, with all its anxieties, risks--and surprising rewards. Watch here.

How I Fell Madly In Lust With My Husband
Good sex and marriage are not mutually exclusive.

Five years after taking our wedding vows, I was shocked to fall madly, passionately in lust with my husband. I'd thought marriage meant making a choice between adoration and ardor, but it turned out both were possible in one package. Okay, it took therapy with a perceptive shrink, figuring out what rang my bell, and asking for it blatantly—several (dozen) times. But when I stopped expecting my mate to read my mind and body, and clearly verbalized what I wanted—exactly the way I wanted it—I got it. Read the rest here.

Life As An Olympic Couple
Olympic sharp-shooting couple takes home three medals, looks to 2012.

Sometimes the toll of becoming an Olympian—the thousands of hours of training and travel and overall turbulence—can take its toll on a relationship. But not this couple. Not when both members are Olympic champions. Read the rest here.

7 Ways To Stay Happy All Year Long
Hint: Treat every day as if it's Valentine's Day.

As a 42 year old male Manhattanite who’s been with the same woman for 17 years, married 12 and had a child for 5 I think I have a few tricks to keep your mate happy. Read the rest here.

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