Holly Madison Wants to Marry Criss Angel

Holly Madison

Former Playmate wants to keep up with Kendra by getting married and having kids.

I will try to get through this without losing my breakfast.  According to Starpulse, Holly Madison is in a hurry to catch up with fellow Hef-ex Kendra Wilkinson by wanting to marry boyfriend of only a few months, illusionist Criss Angel.

As I said before, ick. Normally, when you rebound, you bounce back up again, not hit the ground and keep on digging.

We have been steadily covering the demise of Holly’s relationship with Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, with both basically admitting that Holly wanted marriage and children and Hef did not. Now, with Kendra Wilkinson engaged and getting married with Hef walking her down the aisle, Holly might be in overdrive trying to make up for lost time by wanting to marry Criss. She tells Us Magazine, “I actually made Criss a paper ring, but he won't wear it. When he starts wearing his paper ring, I will be the one to propose.”

I have had friends who do this kind of madness. Not the dating an octogenarian millionaire with multiple girlfriends thing, but the mass panic that happens when your girlfriend who no one thinks will really ever get married does and then all her friends who really want to get married and have kids immediately go into a full-court press to get their boyfriends to propose or they run out to meet someone serious right that minute. It’s almost like it sends out some kind of primal alarm that sends women who really want to get married and have kids into a dating frenzy. I have never, repeat never, seen this mad dash to the altar work out well, mind you, but I have definitely seen it happen.

There are two things that are really wrong with this situation. The first issue is that Holly is in a brand-new relationship with a guy after being in a long-term situation with someone with whom she wanted to start a family. I would argue that she is not thinking quite clearly (as evidenced by dating Angel in the first place, but I won’t go there right now) and she might be rushing headfirst into the same situation again. Just because your friends are getting married doesn’t mean that you should do the same thing right away. It’s not a sample sale where you all want the same handbag. Until death do us part is a really long time.

The second thing that is really wrong with this situation is that she is pressuring her new boyfriend to get married. Making him a ring and he won’t wear it? It doesn’t exactly sound like Criss in a hurry to marry Holly. I am not against women asking men to marry them. I am against women pressuring men to go into longer term commitments than they are ready for because we all know what happens when men feel pressured. They turn off, they shut down and they start looking for an escape hatch. Holly, maybe take the paper ring to a therapist and figure out why you keep going for bad boys or men who avoid commitment? Because at this rate, you sound like you might be destined to continue to make this mistake over and over again.

Just because all your friends are getting married doesn’t mean that the “clock is running out.” But if you force something that isn’t there in a mad dash to keep up with your friends, you will expedite the end of your current relationship or remain single even longer than you’d really care to because in the same manner that nothing succeeds like success, nothing causes more demise than desperation.