Seacrest's Mom Wants Him To Find A Girl

Ryan Seacrest and Connie Seacrest

Connie Seacrest makes us appreciate Mamma's Boy a little more.

Did you know that Ryan Seacrest (with all due respect to the late James Brown) is the hardest-working man in show business? In addition to his hosting gigs on American Idol and E! and his DJ gig on American Top 40 (yes, we are all sucking the teet of fame, Ryan), he also produces like a gazillion shows. The most recent offering from his production company is the not well-received Momma's Boy. In case you hadn't heard, Momma's Boy features 3 good-looking young bucks on a mission to do the funky cold medina (or the wild thing, whatever as long as Tone Loc is involved) with 32 eligible mamasitas. The only catch is that the young stallions have brought their mothers along for the ride/ to vet these 32 young vixens. Truly awful television.

But you get the feeling that young master Seacrest created this concept based on something(s) he'd experienced. You know like he's the kind of dude that talks to his mom twice daily and his relationship with Teri Hatcher fizzled because Momma Seacrest thought that that tramp was no good. Are we totally off the reservation on this? No? Good, thanks for the validation.

Any what, Celebitchy is now telling us that Connie Seacrest wants young Ryan to find someone. That's it. She wants him to find a gal and presumably get cranking on the grandkids front. But it seems like she has strong opinions as to whom Ryno should spend his hot summer nights with, "My rule is that you just observe and wait until they ask for your opinion." Eesh. Observing until you’re specifically asked for an opinion is a sticky proposition. Like Pompei sticky. Like steam pipe with no relief valve sticky. We don't know about you, but we'd want no part of 1 of those watching and silently judging scenarios.

Also, is everyone 100% sure that Ryan Seacrest is down with the ladies? Sure, there haven't been any photos of him skinny-dipping with TR Knight but it seems like folks (and by folks we mostly mean Simon Cowell) have been quietly questioning his preferences for years. Whatever the case, it's the holiday season and we hope that Ryan Seacrest finds that special someone, Momma Seacrest gets some peace of mind (and doesn't have to give anyone a piece of her mind) and that Momma's Boy does not get picked up for a second season, it's really an insult for those of us who choose to be best friends with our mothers.

Any stars you think we should hook Ryan Seacrest up with? Anyone that his mom would be down with? Ginnifer Goodwin is newly single and they'd win the cute-as-a-button award without breaking an Elfin sweat. Padma Lakshmi could use a new dude as well.

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