Best Love News & Trends of 2008


A roundup of the year's most fascinating relationship news, via Love Buzz.

Love Buzz recorded all the love and relationship news fit to fascinate in '08. While the economy and election dominated our attention, a man became pregnant (and gave birth to a healthy child), vampire love sunk its teeth into the entertainment world, Democrats married Republicans and the recession hit our grooming habits. Here, we've collected a roundup of the year's top trends, news and tidbits about love and relationships.

Oregon Man Is Pregnant
A tale of gender-blurring proportions.

Thomas is legally both male and married to Nancy. He certainly looks the part, too, with a flat chest and facial hair, thanks to surgery and testosterone therapy. His six-month baby bump might otherwise pass for a well-fed beer belly, if Thomas weren’t the unabashedly proud father/mother-to-be that he is, even in the face of judgment from the likes of family members and doctors. Read the rest here.

They Overcame Their Political Differences
"Can A Democrat Love A Republican" author weds her conservative boyfriend.

Can a conservative and a liberal move beyond their political views to find love? The answer is a resounding yes!

Back in January, Caroline Tiger penned our piece "Can A Democrat Love A Republican," in which she wrote about dating someone of opposite political persuasion. While some of her friends were displeased by her choice, (one friend "was afraid of what her husband might do if the talk turned to politics." Another "e-mailed … to tell me he was worried about me."), Tiger was sure that "J" was Mr. Right. Read the rest here.

Your Walk Reveals How Your Orgasm
Study says scientists can predict vaginal orgasms by watching you walk.

Remember that junior high rumor that guys could tell if you were a virgin by the way you walked? Well it's true! Sort of. A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine claims that trained sexologists can tell if a woman has vaginal orgasms—that is, a gal who can come by intercourse not accompanied by clit stimulation—by the way she walks. Read the rest here.

Your Tiny Boobs: Blame 'Em On Your Morning Joe
Coffee is the reason for your small breast size.

Swedish researchers discovered drinking lots of coffee reduces the size of a women's breasts. (Don't researchers study anything important anymore, like a cure for AIDS?). Read the rest here.

Is Avatar Sex Cheating?
Divorce sought after husband cheats on wife in Second Life with avatar mistress.

Affairs used to involve off-the-beaten-path motels, lunch hour and lipstick-stained collars. Private eyes in trench coats would usually be the catalyst for the secret trysts' demise. These days, cheating can happen with a credit card, one's own hand or even an online alter ego or "avatar." Read the rest here.

How to Seduce a New Mother
Hint: You'll need a feather duster.

When you become a mom, you acquire mommy friends. Sure, you may scoff now, but when you need to commiserate about sleepless nights and the endless breast milk versus formula debate, other mothers are the only ones who will listen. Read the rest here.

Vampire Love
Who knows the meaning of eternal love better than the undead?

Vampires haven't been this sexy since Brad Pitt heated up the screen in Interview with the Vampire in the '90s, and they've certainly never been this smitten.

So what's with all the vampire love fangfare (sorry, couldn't resist), anyway? Well, for entertainment bigwigs, what better characters to invest in than those that never age? All My Children producers were ahead of the curve on this one when they hired Susan Lucci. As for the audience, we get love stories that involve temptation, restraint, eternal love and blood-sucking danger. It's almost like watching Survivor, except better.

Stop Sending E-mails You Regret
Google's Mail Goggles prevent e-mailing while intoxicated.

Google's test lab has created a filter for Gmail users in the habit of second-guessing the content of the e-mails they send late at night. If you've ever said, "On second thought, I wish I hadn't sent (blank) to (blank)," here is your second thought. Read the rest here.

Economy Will Affect Your Wedding or Divorce
The economy affects both the beginning (the wedding) and end of a relationship (the divorce).

When you get down to basics, marriage is about money. Pounding hearts, sweet nothings and lazy Sundays in bed are all well and good, but legally, a marriage creates one financial entity where there once were two. So it makes sense that the economic downturn would affect all stages of marriage, from the beginnings (the wedding) to the end (divorce). The New York Times proves this point in two style pieces this weekend. Read the rest here.

Botox Bridesmaids
Always a bridesmaid, never a wrinkle face.

A bridesmaid's work is never done: buy a $400 aubergine cocktail dress you'll never be able to wear again, get the bride drunk at the bachelorette party, make nice with her creepy uncle groomsman and...inject botulism into your face? Read the rest here.

Husband Takes Wife's Name
Turns out, it’s a three YEAR process.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of women take their new husband's names. Not to say the process has become seamless, but it’s less time consuming or involved than filing your taxes. But what if a guy wants to take his wife's name? Common sense says it should be just as easy—but guess again. Read the rest here.

50 Things Men Wish We'd Remember
Helpful reminders from the staff of Men's Health.

The male staff at Men’s Health recently compiled a list of “50 Things Men Wish You Knew” to accompany a female-created 50-point list outlining what women want from men. While certain entries, such as #7 “Shopping is a chore, not an activity,” come as no surprise, there are certain tidbits that, even if they’re nothing new to you, are beneficial to read and be reminded of. Read the rest here.

For Love or Money
A women destroys her marriage for the chance to win $100,000.

How far would you go for fame and fortune? That’s the question we’re asking ourselves after Lauren Cleri’s appearance on The Moment of Truth. The aspiring model confessed to 8 million viewers that she thought she should be married to her ex-boyfriend and had cheated on her husband Frank many times. Read the rest here.

Talking Dirty (In Multiple Tongues)
Learn how to say "It's legal in Lithuania" in five languages.

If "Be Prepared" is the boyscout motto, then Sex in Every City: How To Talk Dirty in Every Language, would be any on-the-make scout's best friend. And it certainly can't hurt if you're the type of girl who will roll with any guy who rolls his "r's" without effort. This linguistic guide has come-ons ranging from bawdy pick-up lines ("Excuse me, do you believe in one-night stands?") to polite post-coital inquiries ("How do you like your eggs?"), in languages ranging from French to Finnish. Read the rest here.

The New Housewife
Stay-at-home wives forgo jobs AND kids.

According to CNN, a new breed of housewife is emerging: one who's jobless, childless and home by choice.

The stay-at-home wives interviewed said a reduced amount of stress and an increased amount of quality time with their spouses were both the catalysts and benefits of quitting their careers. And for them, kids are either out of the question or on a distant horizon. Read the rest here.

He's Just Not That Into Sex...
Two new books hear from the sex-starved wife. Which is right for you?

Biblio Face-Off: He's Just Not Up for It Anymore, by Bob Berkowitz and Susan Yager-Berkowitz, vs. The Sex-Starved Wife, by Michele Weiner Davis. Read the rest here.

Economy Influences Pubic Hairstyles
Some women are letting go of the Brazilian wax and embracing their pubic hair.

Pubic hair. We've all got it, and chances are we all maintain it somehow, whether by waxing or shaving or with a simple trim. Some women groom according to their own preference, some tidy it to their guy's predilection, still others primp for what they think the dating masses desire. According to Lisa Germinsky at Salon, our hair-down-there styling is determined, at least in part, by the economy. Read the rest here.