The Newlywed Game Returns


GSN to air new episodes of the classic quiz show that puts young couples on the spot.

GSN (formerly the Game Show Network) is set to begin filming new episodes of the classic game show that tests newly marrieds' knowledge of each other.

The original show first aired from 1966–1975 and has returned for several runs since then. Viewers last had the pleasure of watching husbands and wives blush and sweat while answering intimate questions about the other in 2000. Love Buzz thinks its certainly about time The Newlywed Game returned and could only hope The Love Boat might come back with it.

Redoing TV shows is a tricky business, however. Much like getting back together with an ex, there are expectations and preconceived notions galore. The new 90210, for example, has not been the runaway success of its predecessor. The old 90210 defined a generation; the new 90210, laden with soaring expectations as its viewers were, defines why remaking television shows is a bad idea.

In the case of The Newlywed Game, unless the format's too funky or the contestants too soulless (a la The Moment of Truth), Americans will be glad to gather around the tube and chuckle and—perhaps on occasion—swoon at the antics of newlywed couples. The creator of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is behind TNG's relaunch, and that show's done so well, award-nominated love stories are now woven around it!

Urban legend has it one contestant husband gave the hilariously miscommunicated answer of "Up the butt, Bob" when original host Bob Eubanks asked him the location of the most unusual place he and his wife had "made whoopee." If all else about the new TNG fails, GSN would do well to find and broadcast this footage and put an end to the rumor once and for all.