Fergie and Josh Have a Marry New Year


Rumor has the couple looking to tie the knot in January.

Us Magazine reports that it looks like Hollywood’s cutest, low-key couple, singer Fergie and her fiancé, actor Josh Duhamel, will be officially tying the knot this January, specifically between January 9-11 (how in the world do people find these things out?). The twosome was seen tagging items in a Crate and Barrel in Beverly Hills (Stars! They’re just like us!) and Duhamel disregarded questions about a wedding registry, saying the two were registering for “Christmas gifts.” The couple have been engaged for a little bit but it looks like they might be ready to make if official.

Can you imagine what it must be like to try to plan a wedding as a superstar? Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that it’s hard enough to keep the velvet ropes up so your drunken uncle Eddie doesn’t show up and throw up on the cake, much less trying to keep your private affair away from hundreds of paparazzi, celebrity reporters and people who feel that you owe them photos from your wedding? That has to be difficult. You have to figure they really just want a low-key wedding with low-key guests and a nice ceremony. On one hand you want to be nice, but it is your wedding after all.

In any case, I think Fergie will make a gorgeous bride. I wonder if the Black Eyed Peas will play the wedding reception. In any case, I hope that their wedding is paparazzi-and-unwelcome-guest free and that they have a fabulous honeymoon. More important, I hope they have a lovely marriage, a loving partnership and a long life together.  Here’s to you, you crazy kids!